Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory

AGE: 18-Adult


Anchored in Dr. Theodore Millon’s time-honored personality theory, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI-IV) provides helpful clinical insights into a patient’s personality that allow clinicians to make reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The MCMI-IV offers updated norms that are based on a clinical adult population, a new scale, DSM-5® and ICD-10-CM alignment, updated narrative content and a new and deeper therapeutic focus.  The brevity of the MCMI-IV allows clinicians to maintain an efficient and productive clinical practice.

Users & Applications

Insights provided in the MCMI-IV help to guide clinicians in identifying deeper pervasive clinical issues, so that they are better equipped to make reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The assessment, used in multiple settings including clinical and counseling, medical, government, and forensic, can help:

  • Identify deep, pervasive clinical issues
  • Facilitate treatment decisions
  • Assess disorders based on DSM-5® and ICD-10 classification systems


Features & Benefits

  • Full normative update, more closely representing the current clinical adult population
  • New Turbulent scale, providing deeper understanding of those patients presenting with this unbridled personality type
  • New and updated test items characterizing the evolution of Dr. Millon’s personality theory, refreshed to increase clarity and clinical relevance
  • New and improved narrative content that better integrates results with therapeutic practice and links to personalized treatment
  • Updated Grossman Facet Scales
  • Aligns with DSM-5; includes ICD-10 code sets
  • New option to present scale scores using scale abbreviations
  • Brevity, allowing clinicians to maintain an efficient and productive clinical practice
  • 5th Grade reading level
  • Seven new Noteworthy Response categories
  • New digital manual in Q-global Resource Library

Pearson Interpretive: $77.
Pearson Profile Report $54.
Test/Answer Booklet: $4.

Sample Pearson Interpretive Report: Male Sample Profile Report: Male

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