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Validity Indicator Profile AGE: 16 – Adult   Designed to help meet the increasing need for a well-validated, psychometrically sound test that can provide empirical support in courtrooms and other legal institutions, the VIP test provides a broad spectrum of information about an individual’s performance on an assessment battery. As a measure of response styles, test results help assess whether the results of cognitive, neuropsychological or other types of testing should be considered representative of an individual’s overall capacities. How to Use This Test The VIP test is intended to provide support for conclusions that may impact the awarding of large sums of money or the determination of competence or culpability. As a result, the test is potentially useful to neuropsychologists, forensic, and clinical psychologists in a variety of situations, including: Civil and criminal trials Competency-to-stand-trial evaluations Medical insurance examinations Social Security disability reviews Workers compensation examinations Rehabilitative treatment assessments Key Features The VIP test contains verbal and nonverbal subtests, each of which can be administered independently. As a self-administered forced-choice validity indicator, the VIP test provides more information than a yes/no decision regarding malingering. The test helps assess the relationship between the individual’s intention and the effort in completing […] Read More