Quality of Life Inventory

AGE: Adult


Assess positive mental health and help guide clients to a happier life. Brief yet comprehensive, the QOLI assesses positive mental health, well being and happiness and yields an overall score based on the “Sweet 16” areas that make up quality of life including love, work and play. The QOLI test is a measure of positive psychology that can be used in a variety of settings and offers several unique features.

How to Use This Test

This assessment can help laypeople, clients and professionals in a variety of settings.

  • In clinical settings, the test is well-suited for planning, evaluating and tracking medical and psychological treatment and patient progress.
  • In substance abuse/chemical dependency programs, test results can help build motivation for treatment and yield a blueprint for a balanced drug-free lifestyle.
  • In positive psychology, personal growth counseling, and employee assistance programs, the assessment measures assets and strengths as well as problems in a non-pathological way.
  • In gerontology settings, the QOLI assessment can be used to help measure “successful aging” as defined by leaders in the field.
  • In career counseling, the test can help predict future job satisfaction and productivity.
  • In research and quality assurance programs, QOLI test results can be used to help measure treatment outcomes for a wide array of physical and psychological disorders.

Key Features

  • Evidence-based and empirically validated, according to Marty Seligman (2011, 2014)
  • Identifies “real life” issues that can help clinicians develop relevant treatment plans and predict future health problems
  • Provides a positive mental health picture that can help increase the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes.

Profile Report: $33.
Answer Sheet (w/test items): $0

Sample Profile Report

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