Emotional Judgment Inventory and Report

AGE: 16-Adult


Highly-effective people use emotional intelligence to differentiate themselves, identifying and managing emotions in order to achieve higher levels of performance. The Emotional Judgment Inventory (EJITM) is a brief yet robust measure of emotional intelligence designed to:

  1. Enhance the employee selection process by providing insight into an applicant’s tendency to recognize and effectively use emotional information, and
  2. Increase self-awareness when used in professional development applications.

The EJI measures traits identified by the well-respected Salovey & Mayer model of Emotional Intelligence.

Using the concepts measured by the EJI, a coach or expert facilitator can help individuals become more effective by better managing their emotions. The EJI can also form the basis for a better understanding of others’ emotions and give insights into positively managing them. When people get this regulatory balance right, they can learn to use emotions constructively to problem-solve, be creative, and engage more effectively with others.

Interpretive Report: $56.
Test Booklet: $8.

Sample Report

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