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Emotional Judgment Inventory and Report AGE: 16-Adult   Highly-effective people use emotional intelligence to differentiate themselves, identifying and managing emotions in order to achieve higher levels of performance. The Emotional Judgment Inventory (EJITM) is a brief yet robust measure of emotional intelligence designed to: Enhance the employee selection process by providing insight into an applicant’s tendency to recognize and effectively use emotional information, and Increase self-awareness when used in professional development applications. The EJI measures traits identified by the well-respected Salovey & Mayer model of Emotional Intelligence. Using the concepts measured by the EJI, a coach or expert facilitator can help individuals become more effective by better managing their emotions. The EJI can also form the basis for a better understanding of others’ emotions and give insights into positively managing them. When people get this regulatory balance right, they can learn to use emotions constructively to problem-solve, be creative, and engage more effectively with others. Interpretive Report: $56. Test Booklet: $8. Read More

TDR (16PF)

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Teamwork Development Report AGE: Adult   For individuals about to enter a teamwork environment, or currently working within a team, the 16PF Teamwork Development Report (TDR) describes implications of personality on behavior in teamwork settings and can be used for development of individuals and/or teams. The TDR consists of two sections: Sharable Test-Taker Section A narrative interpretation of the respondent’s personality information as it relates to teamwork. The text is organized around the Global Factor scales, with statements describing the person’s distinctive scores on the primary personality factor scales that make up each Global Factor scale. This section also includes ideas for development based upon the individual’s personality profile. Professional’s Section Team Summary Information – when an entire team is assessed, this section provides a group-level summary of the team’s 16PF information. Individual Information – score profiles on each test taker, as outlined below. Response Style Indices – Impression Management, Infrequency, and Acquiescence 16PF Profile Global Factor Scales – Extraversion, Anxiety, Tough-Mindedness, Independence, and Self-Control Primary Factor Scales – Warmth, Reasoning, Emotional Stability, Dominance, Liveliness, Rule-Consciousness, Social Boldness, Sensitivity, Vigilance, Abstractedness, Privateness, Apprehension, Openness to Change, Self-Reliance, Perfectionism, and Tension Composite Scores for Adjustment, Leadership, and Creativity Projected Scores for […] Read More