BBHI™ – 2

Brief Battery for Health Improvement

AGE: Adult


A brief diagnostic tool well-suited for initial intake and outcomes measurement of patients treated for pain and injury.

Derived from the well-researched, widely used BHI™ (Battery for Health Improvement) test, the shorter BBHI 2 instrument helps practitioners quickly evaluate for a number of psychomedical factors commonly seen in patients with injuries, such as pain, somatic, and functional complaints – as well as traditional psychological concerns such as depression, anxiety and patient defensiveness.

The information provided by the BBHI 2 test can help medical professionals obtain a quick yet comprehensive overview of the patient to help in treatment planning and in determining whether the patient may need a more in-depth evaluation by a psychologist.

How to Use This Test

The BBHI 2 test can be used by a variety of professionals in the medical setting: psychologists, physical therapists, surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, and nurses to provide reliable, objective information as part of their initial evaluation and throughout the course of treatment to track patient progress.

Key Features

Taking only 7–10 minutes to administer, the BBHI 2 test:

  • Provides a single instrument to help measure a variety of pain-related issues, including level of pain, functionality, and emotional distress.
  • Uses a nationally standardized 0–10 pain scale, which assesses multiple dimensions of the pain experience, including level of pain in 10 body areas, pain tolerance, pain range, and peak pain.
  • Efficiently assess patients to develop appropriate treatment plans and determine whether further psychological evaluation is needed.
  • Includes validity checks. The Defensiveness Scale can help detect tendencies to minimize or magnify distress, while the inclusion of a validity item helps detect random responding.
  • Helps practitioners meet assessment guidelines proposed by organizations such as the Counsel for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Standard/Extended Report: $44.
Answer Sheet (w/test items): $0.

Sample Standard Report Sample Extended Report

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