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P – 3®

Pain Patient Profile

AGE: Adult


Quickly evaluate for depression, somatization, and anxiety in pain patients. The Pain Patient Profile (P-3) assessment focuses on the factors most frequently associated with chronic pain. The test can help provide an objective link between the physician’s observations and the possible need for further psychological assessment.

How to Use This Test

A variety of medical professionals, including anesthesiologists, general practitioners, rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors, surgeons, neurologists, and nurses can use the P-3 test to help:

  • Identify the psychological roadblocks to patient recovery
  • Assess, document, and justify the need for further psychological evaluation
  • Facilitate physician-psychologist communication
  • Evaluate the patient’s emotional readiness for surgery
  • Support evaluations for cases involving vocational readiness; orthopedic, occupational, and auto injuries; workers’ compensation; and long-term disabilities
  • Easily and inexpensively measure pre- and post-treatment pain status to evaluate treatment effectiveness and monitor clinical outcomes

Key Features

  • The test can help save time and money and reduce frustration for both patient and medical providers by identifying psychological factors that may be preventing the patient from reaching a successful medical outcome.
  • The test report includes an easy-to-understand summary of results to share with the patient.
  • Requiring only 12-15 minutes to administer, the test can be easily administered as part of an initial clinical evaluation.
  • The test was normed using both pain patients and subjects from the community. This cross-validating approach helps assure that results are more relevant to pain patients than more traditional assessments may be.

Interpretive Report: $35.
Answer Sheet (w/test items): $0

Sample Interpretive Report

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